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Shower Screens

Even though the doors are made to fold inward they have the added advantage of becoming capable to fold outward for emergency egress - a good feature. Bi-folding doors commence at about 660mm width but can not be shortened. Because you could possibly be utilizing a 1200 shower tray it does not stick to that your door width should be 1200. It is usual when walls are tiled that the lowest tile will overlap the edge of the tray, so the thickness of the tile and its adhesive layer could considerably minimize the dimension. On the other side of the alcove you need to measure up the wall to a point corresponding to your chosen door/enclosure height.

A custom made to measure shower enclosure can give the finish a bathroom requires to elevate it above comparable suites. In the unlikely case of an accident, our screens will not shatter into dangerous shards. Glass shower screens, on the other hand, offer a practical answer as they will hold the water inside your bath and avoid costly leak damage to your bathroom floor.


Modern day design tends to favour the lighter weight appearance of frameless and semi-frameless models. Frames offer adjustment within the profiles that attach them to walls which is useful if your walls are not perpendicular. There are essentially 3 varieties of shower door and shower enclosure out there. Right after a full design and style, measuring and fitting service with higher quality solutions?
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